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Chaplain Levels and Educational Requirements
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Intermediate Level1st LT 

Intermediate Level

To qualify for the Intermediate Level you must meet the following credentials, experience and training level.

1.     At least two years experience field related

2.     Level 2 Basic Chaplain Training taught by OCA or its equivalent such as ICPC Sr level or CPE 3 and 4 units* 

3.     Actively seeking to complete the following:

§        Crisis Intervention - level II        

§        Conflict Management - level II

§        Unexpected Death Notification  - level II

4.     All applicants must be a licensed ministers or have one of the following 

·        A Christian Workers license from their local assembly

·        Be designated as a chaplain from their local assembly

·        If you are not the pastor of your local assembly, then you must have a signed Pastor's permission form                         



"Introduction to Community Chaplaincy II"

The following areas are covered in level II

·        Theory of Pastoral Care

·        Articulates a theory of pastoral care that is integrated with a theory of pastoral practice.

·        Incorporates a working knowledge of ethics appropriate to the pastoral context.

·        Articulates a conceptual understanding of group dynamics and organizational behavior.

·        Identity and Conduct

§         Functions pastorally in a manner that respects the physical, emotional, and spiritual boundaries of others.

§         Articulates ways in which one's feelings, attitudes, values, and assumptions affect one's pastoral care.

§         Advocates for the person in her/his care.

§         Attends to his/her own physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

·        Pastoral

§         Establishes, deepens, and ends pastoral relationships with sensitivity, openness, and respect.

§         Provides pastoral care that respects diversity and differences including, but not limited to culture, gender, sexual orientation, and spiritual/religious practices.

§         Triages and manages crises in the practice of pastoral care.

§         Provides pastoral care to persons suffering loss and grief.

§         Provides religious resources appropriate to the care of clients and their families.

§         Develops and facilitates public worship/spiritual practices appropriate to diverse settings and needs.

§         Facilitates pastoral reflection in the practice of pastoral care.

·        Professional

·        Promotes the integration of Pastoral Spiritual Care into the life and practices of the institution in which it resides.

·        Supports, promotes, and encourages ethical decision making and practices.

·        Documents one's provision of pastoral care effectively and thoroughly in appropriate records.

·        Fosters a collaborative relationship with community clergy and faith group leaders.


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